The Scottsdale Coalition of Today and Tomorrow is a non-profit business and civic organization who work together on issues important to the city’s future.

  • A permanent, positive voice for the city.
  • Proactive on issues and leadership need to advance the city
  • Promote the city’s heritage, natural beauty & economic strengths.
  • Inclusive, representing a broad cross –section of businesses community and civic groups and geographic locations within Scottsdale.



SCOTT’s mission is straightforward: educate more people about important issues in the city and enable them to get more involved.

What are SCOTT’s VALUES?

  • We believe in productive, healthy debate on the issues of the day based on facts and transparency with the confidence that an informed community will make decisions that will benefit the city’s future.
  • We must continue to enhance our ability to attract young, diverse entrepreneurs and continue to cultivate higher paying jobs through diversification of the economic base of Scottsdale.
  • A strong K-12 education system, plus access to outstanding nearby higher education opportunities, should remain a vital component of making this a great place to work and live.
  • Our tourism, arts and culture equities should be further leveraged and messaged. That is, what makes this an attractive tourism and cultural destination should be better linked to what also makes it a desirable place to live and work.
  • The business community, the Chamber, and City Government and other key groups should work together to promote and enhance the distinctiveness of the Scottsdale “brand.” Enhancing the brand and economic development are not mutually exclusive.
  • We view the differences between the South, Central, and North regions of the city as pluses to build on. The richness of the differences should enhance the city’s image and broaden its appeal to a wider cross-section of ages, ethnicities, and income levels.
  • While we recognize that resources and credit remain constrained for individuals and businesses, it is important that we have dreams, discussions, and ultimately a plan that charts a bold future.

What is SCOTT’s HISTORY? From the time that it was occupied by the Hohokam, the Pima, and the Papago, Scottsdale has been a special place.  It remains that way today. But nothing lasts forever, and a city that doesn’t change and progress is a city that no longer will be special.

What is SCOTT?

The Scottsdale Coalition of Today and Tomorrow is a non-profit organization of engaged leaders who work together on issues important to Scottsdale’s future.

Why was SCOTT formed?

SCOTT was formed to expand public awareness about Scottsdale issues, to empower citizens to act on them based on their facts and merits and to encourage citizens to get engaged in important City issues and participate in their outcomes. It will do this through efforts coordinated and supported by community leaders..

Who is part of SCOTT?

SCOTT is an organization of business and civic leaders across the City. It also has affiliations with seven major civic and business organizations that serve as informal advisors to SCOTT

How is SCOTT funded?

Board members pay annual sponsorship fees.

How is SCOTT different from other groups like the Chamber, Experience Scottsdale and others?

SCOTT is not a business or professional trade association; it represents a broad cross-section of business, community, and civic leaders. It advocates for business, social services, tourism, education and the arts and works on issues that promote and enhance Scottsdale’s quality of life.

Can anyone join SCOTT?

SCOTT’s bylaws allow for 24 board members who pay annual sponsorship fees. Openings are filled by invitation. SCOTT also will build a large support base of citizens concerned about the City’s future.

How did you decide on issues?

SCOTT, in consultation with its board members and advisory affiliates, identifies issues based on a number of criteria, including economic impact on the City, mutual benefit to residents and businesses, multiple stakeholder support and importance to the next generation of citizens.

Will you take positions on issues?

SCOTT’s No. 1 priority will be to ensure that facts on current issues are presented to everyone. It will serve in an advocacy role on key issues.

Will you endorse candidates?

SCOTT will not endorse political candidates.

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