SCOTT is an organization focused on Scottsdale’s future. It is a positive voice for the city, proactive on issues that are important to the city’s financial sustainability, economic vitality and quality of life. SCOTT will expand public awareness and empower citizens to act through efforts supported by business and civic leaders.  The following four issues are particularly important to Scottsdale’s future:

City finances

Scottsdale is a city with low taxes/high services, and it benefits from robust tourism and retail sales tax revenues. It can’t be assumed that sales tax revenues will continue to increase indefinitely. And there are critical issues ahead: major infrastructure and capital improvement needs, pension programs coming due, myriad spending proposals from high-profile projects to work needs behind the scenes. The city’s financial sustainability is critical to maintaining all that makes our city unique and special.

Downtown Scottsdale / Old Town 

Old Town Scottsdale is the heart and soul of our city. And its continued success benefits all residents. But like any city its evolvement and improvement is critical to that. There are a number of major proposals coming on line that give city leaders an opportunity to enhance all that we love about Old Town and position it for continued success for many years to come.


Connectivity is the lifeblood for any city, and it is becoming an increasing challenge for Scottsdale. There are short- and long-term issues including infrastructure needs, reducing congestion and connectivity to the regional transportation system. All affect the quality of life for residents and businesses now and in the years to come.

Desert EDGE

This is one of the most contentious issues facing the city. SCOTT has endorsed the idea of a desert learning center but has not taken a position on where it should be located or how it should be financed, pending results of the current ballot initiative being organized by opponents and ultimately City Council action on that in July.

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